Virginia L. Grady
Federal Public Defender

 Colorado Office Directory

Trial Division

Warren R. Williamson, First Assistant
Jennifer Beck, Assistant Federal Defender
Matthew Belcher, Assistant Federal Defender
Mary Butterton, Assistant Federal Defender
Kelly Christl, Assistant Federal Defender
Matthew Golla, Assistant Federal Defender
Edward Harris,
Assistant Federal Defender
David Johnson, Assistant Federal Defender
David Kraut, Assistant Federal Defender
Timothy O'Hara, Assistant Federal Defender
Natalie Stricklin, Assistant Federal Defender
Laura Suelau, Assistant Federal Defender

Appellate Division

Veronica S. Rossman, Senior Counsel
Dean Sanderford, Chief, Appeals
John Arceci, Assistant Federal Defender
Meredith Esser, Assistant Federal Defender
Shira Kieval, Assistant Federal Defender
Josh Lee, 
Assistant Federal Defender
Howard A. Pincus, Assistant Federal Defender
Jacob Rasch-Chabot, Assistant Federal Defender
Katie Shen, Assistant Federal Defender
Grant Smith, Assistant Federal Defender


Raelee Knapp, Chief
Rivka Morgan-Sherman, Investigator
Sam Peebles, Investigator
David Staub, Investigator

Office Staff

Kim Bechard, Administrative Officer
Laura Akin, Financial Administrator
Christine Molina, Property and Procurement Administrator
Eugene Jone, Supervisory Computer Systems Administrator
Ted Langley, Assistant Computer Systems Administrator
Jonathan Coen, Assistant Computer Systems Administrator/Litigation Support Specialist
Jessica Leto, Paralegal
Monica Licea-Castro, Interpreter
Patrick O'Connor
, Interpreter
Veronica Knights, Legal Assistant to the Federal Public Defender
Sonja Beamon, Legal Assistant
Clarita Costigan,
Legal Assistant
Cecilia Hernandez, Legal Assistant
Mary Unrein, Legal Assistant
Juanita West, Legal Assistant
Maria Ortiz, CMS Specialist/Receptionist

 CJA Panel Administration

Leo Griffard, 
CJA Coordinating Attorney