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The Office of the Federal Public Defender for the Districts of Colorado and Wyoming, with locations in Denver and Cheyenne, serves two states. Since its founding in 1975, the office has been appointed to provide trial and appellate legal representation – in federal district court, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court – to persons charged with or convicted of crimes. click here for more information | en espaņol


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CLE Programs

The Office of the Federal Public Defender, in conjunction with the Colorado CJA Standing Committee, sponsors approximately 16 Continuing Legal Education Programs …

Mathis v United States clarifies

-- Dateline: June 23, 2016

Mathis v United States clarifies (i.e., makes it crystal clear) the difference between the categorical and the modified categorical …

SCOTUS Allows Search Following Unconstitutional Stop when in Connection to Outstanding Arrest Warrant

-- Dateline: June 20, 2016

On Monday, June 20, the Supreme Court, upheld in a 5-3 decision, a conviction stemming from evidence obtained following an unconstitutional …

10th Circuit Grants Habeas Relief for Brady Violation

In McCormick v. Parker (E. D. Okla.)(14-7095)(10-CV-00117-JHP-KEW), the 10th Circuit reversed the district court’s denial of petitioner’s writ of habeas corpus …

10th Circuit Says No to Compulsory Polygraph Testing

The Tenth Circuit made waves in United States v. Von Behren (D. Colo)(15-1033)(04-CR-0341-REB-1), when it invalidated the sexual history polygraph requirement …

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