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     We are responsible for representing people who have been charged with federal crimes in Colorado and Wyoming. Every member of our team—from lawyers, interpreters, and investigators, to legal assistants, IT professionals, and administrators—plays an important role in our mission of providing our clients with the best possible defense.

     Trial attorneys based out of our Denver, Cheyenne, and Casper offices are there for our clients from their first appearance in court to the conclusion of their district court case, working closely with investigators to develop the facts and appellate specialists on our Motions Team to address complex legal questions. Our appellate division is based in Denver and represents clients from across the Tenth Circuit in their direct criminal appeals, and in certain post-conviction matters. Collaboration is frequent and encouraged—whether it takes the form of popping by a colleague’s office to chat about a case, reviewing a brief before it is filed in court, or mooting a case calendared for oral argument in the Tenth Circuit.

     Our legal work is made possible by our dedicated and skilled staff. Paralegals and legal assistants provide critical support with court filings, client correspondence and telephone calls, and scheduling. Staff interpreters ensure that we are able to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking clients and their families. Members of our IT team keep our technology infrastructure up-to-date, process discovery, and provide tech support while we are in court. Meanwhile, our management team keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

     In addition to representing our own clients, our office provides administrative support and training services to private federal criminal defense attorneys who are members of the local Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel. Attorneys in our office regularly host or organize training sessions on topics in federal criminal law, which are attended by attorneys in our office as well as members of the CJA panel. In this way, we train new CJA panel attorneys, and ensure that veteran attorneys keep up with current developments in federal criminal law. 

     Every aspect of our work is guided by our commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for our staff, our clients, and the criminal defense community. We recognize the critical role our office plays in promoting the equitable and fair treatment of our clients, regardless of their backgrounds, and in giving voice to their diverse identities, cultures, and life experiences. To do that well, we know we must do the same for our colleagues and community partners.